“I will feed my flock and I will lead them to rest,” declares the Lord God.

Ezekiel 34: 15

No matter how far we may have wandered and regardless of the cause of our misfortune God always comes looking for us. The needs that we have are more real to Him than they are even to us; He knows the state of our hearts, and He feels the anxiety of our minds. Christ is connected to us from the inside, and He knows the nature and the substance of our needs intimately. I have found amazing relief from stress in simply recognizing this fact; simply turning to God with the overwhelming challenge of the moment and resting on the truth that for all of history He has consistently met the needs of His children, and throughout my own history, the same has been true for me.

Through my relationship with Christ, I have found an imperishable source of food for my soul, and I have a real and tangible place to put my feet. I know that God’s truths and His perspective will always be the same and that they are correct in every circumstance. Even when I go off onto the worst of tangents and try to create my own, alternate truths, Jesus brings me back to His safe and loving place of rest and restoration.

Christ calls to everyone, for He seeks to be the One who cares for the souls and for the life-needs of all people. For those who have accepted that call, He is the absolute provider. All of life becomes a part of the Christ’s calling for us. There is nothing that is unimportant to Him; so, He will give us all of the resources that we need to fulfill all of His will. This is a proven, true fact; turn toward God, give the cares and the concerns of the moment to Him, listen to His voice, and He will provide what you need by leading you to His answers and by allowing you to rest safely under the watch of His loving and protective eyes.