O God, save me by your name, and vindicate me by your might.

O God, hear my prayer, give ear to the words of my mouth.

Psalm 54: 1, 2

One of the first things that we are taught in life is self reliance. We learn to take care of ourselves and to solve our own problems. An attitude of “I got it, no problem, no help needed” is praised and encouraged by parents, teachers, mentors, and by our culture. This isn’t all bad; there is a lot of a best life practice quality to these skills and the attitudes that produce them. But there are times and there are situations when we need help and partnership. There have been far too many times in my life when I really needed help and didn’t seek it. If there is one thing that time and experience have taught me it is that, in fact, we all need help and guidance and counsel every day.

These verses were written by David at a time when he was trying to solve his own problems and when he had run out of resources. He was in fear of his life due to King Saul’s anger, and he had been hiding out among a group of people, the Ziphites, who were known to be not trustworthy, but they were the best choice that he could find at that moment. Then they sold him out to Saul. David’s plan was in ruins around him, and he was feeling very exposed and totally vulnerable; so, his fear had no limits and his resources for controlling it and for bringing reason to bear were gone.

The issues that we are facing may not be this big, there may not be a spear pointed at our hearts, but they still often feel like that is true. Yet, some of our issues are every bit as urgent and dangerous as David’s. When he came to his senses, when he went deep inside his heart and focused on the truth that life experience had taught him to rely upon, he started to focus on his real source of protection and on the only absolutely reliable place to go for direction. It is through the might of God that we can make it through this world; and it is through the sacrifice of Jesus that we are saved from evil. Like David, we need to turn our hearts to God, and speak our fears, concerns, and needs to him. Hear the voice of the Lord as He leads us to safety and to strength.