My house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples.

Isaiah 56: 7

The utmost expression of faith is found in moments of prayer. From the talk with God in which a person first says yes to His courtship, yes to His marriage proposal, and I do to His commitment of eternal love to the last earth-bound utterance at life’s end, a Christian lives in a faith based environment of talking over life with an unseen God. We give over guidance in the mundane and in the momentous to our Creator, and say to him, “your will be done”. Faith’s heartbeat resonates through prayer’s veins.

These are some of the words that prayer conjures up:

Prayer,             conversation.

Prayer,             meditation.

Prayer,             relaxation.

Prayer,             investigation.

Prayer,             instigation.

Prayer,             inspiration.

Prayer,             death.

Prayer,             life.

Prayer,             rebirth.

Prayer,             connection.

Prayer,             family.

Prayer,             childhood.

Prayer,             maturity.

Prayer,             salvation.

Prayer,             grace.

Prayer,             frustration.

Prayer,             anger.

Prayer,             release.

Prayer,             regret.

Prayer,             potential.

Prayer,             loss.

Prayer,             gain.

Prayer,             love.

Prayer,             passion.

Prayer,             beauty.

Prayer,             compassion.

In prayer my God speaks, and in prayer my Eternal Father listens.