Return, O faithless sons; and I will heal your faithlessness.

Behold, we come to you, for you are the Lord our God.

Jeremiah 3: 22

God calls. God continually calls just as He has been calling since the moment that Adam and Eve put teeth to sin to bite down on the taste of death and separation. The Lord always speaks truth;, and He never glosses over things; therefore, He never leaves us guessing about the real intent of His heart or about what He actually wants to talk about. No mixed messages or veiled threats. There is no bait and switch from the Lord. He is as He has always been; for, His promise to remain constant is absolute.

No matter how badly we have fallen, regardless of the depth of our sin; Christ wants us close. You could be standing on the busiest street corner of any city in the world shouting out “there is no God” one moment, and, in the next, after an epiphany of repentance, be held in God’s tender embrace as the totally loved child that you always are. For many of us, the hardest part is the one where we accept that God truly wants us; that we have not gone too far away for Him to bring us back. We often make it far too difficult, for God is always in our neighborhood, ever within hearing range even when our voices are¬†very weak and our throats are dry from pain and fear. Christ is always within whisper range of our hearts; He waits and He waits and He waits some more for us to turn to Him and to accept the grace,¬†mercy, and love that Jesus died to bring to us.

God’s greatest desire is that His children would allow Him to heal the wounds to our souls that sin has inflicted. He longs for and cherishes our response to a calling that never tires. Christ came into our world, and He lived among us so that we could all call on Him as our Lord and our Savior. He speaks to our hearts with a voice of love and acceptance, and His grace opens the door to living in the center of eternity for anyone who responds.