He only is my rock and my salvation,

my defender, I will not be defeated.

Psalm 62: 6

This is a simple message about the so difficult directive to trust, to wait, to go into the shelter of God’s fortress and let him fight for us. When the struggle gets to be too intense and our arms and our hearts become weary from swinging the sword, it becomes ever more apparent that winning the fight can be an unsustainable activity on our own. There is no power left in the core of my being to go on the offensive and there is barely enough left to deflect the enemy‚Äôs blows.

The Lord says that He wants us to let Him into the struggle, for He wants us to tell Him about it all, share the bitterness and the pain and let Him Spirit into our hearts. Then we can allow God to start to heal the deep wounds that our spirits have suffered while He carries on the fight. In real life terms, we are still engaging the activity, for we are still dealing with the bills, the caustic boss, and the unloving family member. We are still doing these things but we can approach each situation from the point of view of trusting that God will take us to a successful outcome and that He will put the energy required into us for the fight; God’s strength will do the work so that our already drained bodies won’t need to.

In a strangely unworldly way, as we let go of more and more of the fight, we gain better and higher ground. When we determine that righteousness will prevail, we see the outcome of the day with better understanding. Christ has already won the victory, and His conquest is over every force and each enemy of faith in this world. We are called upon by Christ to join in the fight with that same sure knowledge that the victorious outcome of the conflict is fully assured.