And as Jesus passed by, He saw Levi the son of Alphaeus sitting in the tax office, and He said to him, “Follow me!” And he rose and followed him.

Mark 2: 14

It is my belief that Christ calls to everyone, for He clearly expresses the Father’s desire to have all people restored to His presence and to a never ending relationship with their Creator. It is our response that matters. We can ignore the voice of Christ and continue along our own chosen path, we can push aside the prompting of people that the Lord has sent our way, or we can respond like Levi and leave our former life behind to follow. Christ continues to call to us through out life, too. His desire to bring us into the fullness of God’s desired plan for our lives isn’t finished at that moment of initial response.

We will have opportunities to hear the voice of the Lord and to make decisions regarding our responses on many occasions. This is one of the beautiful aspects of being in a relationship with Christ, for He is always engaged with each of His people in a very active form of loving communication. Sometimes He calls us to make dramatic changes in our lives and sometimes He calls to us regarding a seemingly small matter of attitude or even of voice inflection. Christ cares about the details because He cares about people. That is why it is important to slow the rapid pace of the day and focus our hearts on His words so that we can clearly hear and comprehend the Lord’s words of commission.

Often it seems that Christ’s call comes in a way that clearly requires action, but He doesn’t always provide an explanation of why we should do what He is saying or even of how we will accomplish it. All that Levi saw before him was the man Jesus, and He was asking Levi to walk out of a life that had brought him comfort, prominence, and power to enter into an existence that had no definition and absolutely no promise of earthly security. Levi did not consider the situation; rather, he responded to Christ and followed His Lord into true life. Christ will call to me today, am I ready and willing to follow?