The fruit of the light consists in all goodness and righteousness and truth.
Ephesians 5: 9
There is one consistently true thing about light; that is, darkness does not have much use for it. Still, God’s own people are called to stay true to our new identity as children of light. This leads to an endless series of encounters with the heavy cloud of darkened living that Satan tries to use to cover our world with his destructive evil. So, we are faced with situations and with people who are living in sinful disregard for the universal truths of God’s word; thus, Christ leads us to act on His behalf. We can not remain safely quiet and look the other way in order to attempt to maintain some sort of human defined false peace.
Anytime that darkness is allowed to remain active and persistent in our lives, the presence of sin and the decay of its toxic byproducts will be present. In these situations a process of continuous erosion of righteousness and of living faith will follow. This deathly pallor of darkened living destroys the person who is engaged in it, it infects those who are close to this person, and it works to destroy the peace and the unity of the community of faith. Christ’s only acceptable answer in these circumstances is to respond with the deepest sort of love possible. Just as He did, we need to be ready to sacrifice all for the sake of bringing light into the lives of others.
Sometimes the actions of light-bearers causes others to reject, to ridicule, and to rebuke them. People with darkened hearts did these same things to Christ; yet, His love for even them would not let Him deviate from speaking and from living God’s eternal truth. Christ calls on us to bring the light of His word into this world not so that we can hold a position of superiority or power; rather, He calls us out of the darkness and into His light so that others will allow their hearts to be illuminated by the glory of heaven. This sort of hard work is never accomplished in our own strength. The light that we bring and the strength that is required to carry it are completely provided by Christ. When we are persistent in following His will, the fruit of His righteousness will be bountiful in our own lives and in the portion of His vineyard that He has given to us to watch over.