Therefore, let everyone who is godly offer prayer to you at a time when you may be found; surely in the rush of great waters, they shall not reach him.

Psalm 32:6

The time for real cultivation of our relationship with God is during the times of peace, comfort, and easy living. There is a real need in most of our lives to take advantage of these good times. It is too easy to allow that life is under control and that God’s intervention on a big scale isn’t so necessary. Not to say that I suffer from a loss of belief in His involvement or in His concern for me or even in the need for God’s guidance and care, I just don’t have the same degree of urgency about it all. I lack the same intensity for deeply probing into the will of the Lord.

When things are good, it is not so much a matter of falling into complacency regarding my relationship with God; it is more an issue of the focus and the energy that I bring to growing and to developing the relationship. I seem to need there to be a great crash of personal issues to bring me back to that higher level of attention to my involvement with the Lord. I think that David was trying to tell us that there is a better way.

It is so much easier to put out the energy and to have the required focus to connect deeply with God and to grow in that connection when my world is calm. When there is no battle to be fought, and no sharks in my water; then, I should be seeking God with the greatest degree of passion. When the fast moving waters are sucking me under, it is infinitely more difficult to clearly hear God’s voice, and it is so much harder to effect the needed changes in direction that are required in order to go His way. The key to preparation for those times of flood and fury is to spend the time to know Him deeply when life is calm. Allowing God to build up my swimming muscles and increase my lung capacity so that when the wall of water does hit me, I can more readily make it safely to shore again. God is always with me, but He is so much easier for me to find when my world is peaceful. I need to take advantage of those times, for they are His gift.