Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Ephesians 5:1, 2

Have you ever noticed how children mimic the actions and the words of the adults that they are around? Watch a child as he or she does a task like washing dishes or throwing stones or even walking along a sidewalk; you will see small, imitative versions of the adults in that are in the young person’s life. Of course, these influences also include many things which are far more important that the way that they walk; they include the attitudes that they hold toward others, the language that they choose, and even the God that they worship.

However, among the most beautiful aspects of the way that God designed and created people is the way that He gave us the ability to make choices for ourselves and set in us a desire to have a relationship with Him. No matter how we have been trained and regardless of the nature of our upbringing, we have been given hearts that desire God’s presence. We are allowed to select a new Father to imitate. Not only are we allowed to do this, but our body chemistry and our internal wiring yearn for this connection. Absent God in our lives, there is an empty void that demands filling. With Christ in us, the holes begin to be filled, and the damage that sin has done to us is repaired over time. 

Each of us has learned, imitated, and developed various bad approaches to life; these are the result of the impact of sin on our minds and our hearts; in many, this impact of sin harms the body chemistry and wiring. Yet, we have choices to make; we can move from beneath the shadow of sin’s imprint into the light of God’s love. We can choose to focus on God, to look at His face and to seek His truth about living life. We can allow Christ to take our hand as we walk through today. Then, the love of God can surround us, his compassion can heal the ravages of sin in our lives, and the sweet and oh so luxuriant aroma of salvation will envelop us. As we stay very close to God’s side, focusing our eyes on Him, Christ’s healing touch reaches farther into the depths of our brokenness, and we become agents for the healing in others.