My soul, wait in silence for God only,

for my hope is from Him.

Psalm 62:5

The human mind has an incredible ability to overwork a problem. This can take the form of talking while someone else is offering an opinion or even a solution; this extra effort can be shaped in the form of analysis; then, there is that special challenge of incessant worry. There can be many expressions of self-directed problem solving. I have and do use all of them; sometimes I use several at the same time. However, the last time that I checked in on how well this approach has worked in resolving hard situations, my own efforts had accomplished getting me a lot more grey hair than great answers.

I think that the noise and the self generated clutter simply get in the way of real solution. God says to listen, be calm, and be silent; I will speak. The Lord knows us and our world far better than we ever will, and He wants for us to live in a form of peace that comes from deep within and that opens up our hearts and our minds to receive the wisdom of His eternal word. When we have the faith that is necessary to remain silent, we can be assured that God will speak. For me, the real test comes in waiting and in listening long enough, for I tend to want the voice that provides the solution to utter those profound truths that I think that I need in a very quick and decisive manner.

The real problem isn’t in the decisiveness or even in the responsiveness of God; rather, the disconnect lies in my receptivity and in my understanding of time. For people who know Him, God is never silent. He has spoken, and His voice has remained clear and unchanged from the days of our first ancestors. As I am in Christ, I am surrounded by a chorus of hope speaking voices. They sing to me from the pages of His written word, they touch my pain and my joy in the form of His community of faith, and the Spirit of Christ spreads the song of truth throughout the cells of my being.