He was wounded for our transgressions; He was crushed for our iniquities; upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with His stripes we are healed.

Isaiah 53: 5

At the end of the meal there is always the check, and after the car comes out of the shop there will be an invoice; for, in most of our interactions with people we get something and we are expected to give back in return. Thus, we act like humans; therefore, we act badly, we sin, and God presents us with his invoice; it is our lives that are demanded in payment. We can try to make the choice of how the bill gets paid; so, we pull out our wallet, but there is no cash; hand over our platinum card, but it has been cancelled; offer to work off the debt, and we don’t have the needed skills. We can even pledge our homes, our jewelry, and all of our other possessions, but God already holds the title to them. This is truth facing time; we have nothing that God wants or needs that we can give to Him.

There is more to this story. When we take a closer look at the bill in our hands; there is a strange and totally unique clause in the Terms and Conditions paragraph. It states that under certain, specific circumstances the bill has been paid in full; the demand is satisfied, the document is for filing purposes only. At a moment in time, on a little knoll outside of Jerusalem all of the evil that the world could summon was focused on Jesus. Every life invoice that would be charged against every person who would ever live was stacked on top of Him; and although the weight of all of our sin was greater than the forces that are generated at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean, Jesus took it on willingly. God loves us all so much that he gave His Son to pay the price; Jesus loves us all so much that he endured unimaginable agony in order for everyone of us to be close to Him forever.

So, that special “Paid in Full” clause states that this bill is paid upon acceptance of Jesus as Savior and Lord and surrender of one’s life to him. Its a simple price, these are easy terms when the size of the bill is considered. We need to look at two things here, people who are still carrying around the unpaid invoice, people who do not know Christ, must be shown how important it is to take care of this matter and how easily it can be done. People who do know God but who are still trying to pay back what they believe to be a loan from Him need to understand that Jesus paid the entire bill, and that payment was a gift, not a loan. The disease that sin caused in our souls has been healed; Christ wants us to focus our energies on sharing that story with the people who are still living with God’s unpaid demand on their hearts.