This is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Thy face.

Psalm 24: 6

In the history of the world, there have never been more people who are seeking after God; these God-seekers are to be found in every part of the globe and in every type of setting from isolated village to major city, from the most modern to the most primitive. Humans were created with a need for a relationship with their Creator, and we have a spiritual emptiness that seeks filling.

Additionally, God is a relentless pursuer. He never stops seeking after us, and He always cares about the state of our souls. The Lord did not make us with the intent to abandon us; He is not upset or angry with us in a way that would cause Him to desire to distance Himself from us, either. He is present in every part of the physical world, and He is active in every aspect of human endeavor. Yet, one of the biggest challenges that we face on a daily basis is in determining which voices to listen to and in clearly understanding God’s desire for us. Evil shouts loudly and constantly to confuse and to distract people away from Christ. This is a constant struggle that everyone faces.

We need to listen to the voice that affirms His love for us, that directs us out of ourselves and toward others, that seeks to meet our deepest needs and that shows us how to meet the needs of people around us. Seeking God starts on our knees in prayer, and it continues on our feet in service to Him. Seeking God’s presence and His will needs to be the primary occupation of every day regardless of what it is that we are doing. The wonder of this pursuit is that it will never be futile, for God is so very close and so completely committed to us that He will always be there with us.