To each one grace was given according to the measure of Christ’s gift.

Ephesians 4: 7

How large is the increment of measure that can include the entire gift that Christ has given to me? It is certainly much bigger than that giant measuring cup that is used when huge batches of cookies are being made, and it exceeds the tonnage that were indicated by the drive across scales that we used to weigh truck loads of hay. Christ’s loving gift of grace and the sacrifice that He made to secure it for me is beyond the limitations that my finite, human mind can grasp.

Yet, Christ tells me that I am now living in a state of being that is defined by His grace and that should reflect that same grace in the way that I think about and treat others in this world. My Lord gave all of Himself for my sake so that I could be set free from the crushing weight that sin placed on me. Jesus went to the very ends of Creation to claim my soul from Satan’s control and to bring me into His eternal presence. In doing this, Christ also claimed the souls of everyone who is willing to renounce the old allegiance to evil and to accept Him as Savior and Lord, and He places all of us into one great, eternal community of saints, His Body.

This is now our great calling. All of us who truly know Jesus are called to live like that new identity in Christ is real and is true. We are to seek connection and to strive for commonality of purpose. We are to love others with the sort of unrelenting and uncompromising love that Christ gives to each of us, and we are to extend the sort of grace to all that leads to the sort of honesty and truthfulness that brings about healing and restoration in individual relationships, families, and communities of believers. Christ’s gift to me is beyond my ability to measure, the least that I can do is to commit all of myself to Him.