Be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His might.

Ephesians 6:10

Some of the things that we can do to become strong are to eat well, exercise regularly, and do a little weight lifting; these are all good things that generally won’t do any of us harm. However, a powerful body is not the most important type of strength that we can seek. For it is a strong soul and a mighty spirit that will keep the head up and the feet moving through the battlefield that life can become. This is a type of strength that we need to go after, but we will never be the source of it. Let’s look at the two basic elements of spiritual strength that Paul mentions.

When I am strong in the Lord, my relationship with Him is at the front in everything in my day; there is nothing that I am in engaged in that is too trivial and there is nothing that is too big for God’s involvement. His strength comes to me through reading His word, through talking with Him, and through listening to His voice. My attitude is the key. When I am open to hear God’s will and to follow it; when I am receptive to His input whether it comes to me from His Spirit, His word, or His people; and when I am willing to surrender my will to His way, I experience His strength to the fullest.

Paul also speaks about the muscle mass behind our spiritual strength. Thankfully, it doesn’t come from bulging biceps or six-pack abs; yet, it does come from a much more reliable source. A mighty spirit becomes a personal reality as we align our hearts with Christ. The first step and the hardest one is the one where I trust Him to take control, where I let go of the wheel and accept that the Lord has the perfect and the right way to take me through this moment and this day. Then, I need to allow God’s will to prevail; I need to follow the coarse that He has set for me. When I do this, the Lord will do mighty and wonderful things through my humble hands. I also need to be willing to keep watching and continue to listen to the Spirit of Christ as we move forward together. Strength comes from yielding, from letting go, and from letting God in. Might comes when we purpose to live in the glory of Christ’s victory. Be strong and live mightily today!