But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

Romans 8: 37

Annihilate, destroy, crush, smoke, these are all words that we use to describe absolute victory; we use them in reference to sports, to elections, to business deals, and to video games. It feels so very good to win, even better to win decisively; there is an emotional high that can last for hours, sometimes days. Ultimately, these victories become history, and a new challenge or challenger comes our way; thus, we need to start over and face the reality of an unknown outcome, for certainty is elusive at best. Yet, God continually reassures us that, in Christ, we do have certainty, and it applies to things that really matter. Regardless of the circumstances of life, and no matter what people may do to us; in the face of natural disaster, through hard economic times, in abject poverty, and when confronted by violent persecution God’s children will win. We have the ultimate cheat in this life-game in that we are protected, led, and empowered by the Creator of the game. So, why do we play if we already know that we win?

First, it is not so easy to hang onto that concept, when things get really ugly, staying focused on the reality of victory in Christ can become challenging. These are times when our faith is tested so that it can grow and become stronger through the act of faith that allows us to claim the victory in the middle of the struggle and then watch God perfect it as He takes us through to safety.

Second, the ability to have absolute confidence and trust is a rare thing; it will make those around you start to wonder and begin to ask questions about this strange confidence. Everyone deals with uncertainty, worry, and fear; everyone deals with hard times and difficult situations, but not everyone has the resources needed to win in these trying times. The sort of confidence that knows that every outcome is victory and the kind of love and compassion that will care about others through all events in life are gifts from God; when we demonstrate them, people will ask about their source.

Finally, we can play this game of life with a sort of boldness that comes because we know that we have already won, and it is not even a close contest; we have truly smoked the adversary! The outcome of each event doesn’t really matter, for even if we are swept away in the torrent, we are swept into the arms of Christ.