Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being of full accord and of one mind.

Philippians 2: 2

Finding unity and harmony, even just getting along with other people is difficult to do. We need our own space and our own viewpoint, and we need ours validated; we need our own way, for we are right, aren’t we? I have a mandate from God to stand my ground and to champion the cause as I see it, right? Those are good questions; they are especially good ones for me to ask myself. The answer to the second one is, yes, but; yes, God does want me to speak the truth in all things; yes, God does want me to enter into the lives of others with this truth; and, yes, God does set absolute and very high standards for the way that we all should live. But, it is my approach to the telling of God’s truth that is usually the issue. 

At this point in his letter to his friends at Philippi, Paul, writing the words that the Spirit of God gave him, is telling them to seek out a singular viewpoint for dealing with life. He tells them to seek a common source for knowledge and wisdom, to hold the same intensity and depth of love, and to apply these common qualities to the ways that they interact together and with their culture. Paul leads them to one, inevitable, conclusion; there is one and only one model to look to in order to understand this type of living, for it is utterly foreign to human behavior.

Jesus lived a life of serving, of caring for others, and of loving people completely; He lived in a manner that demonstrated the true heart of God to us. God is not calling upon us to come together and to seek consensus of viewpoint; He is not instructing us to follow the political process and form a sort of Christian Party statement of beliefs that has unity, one-mindedness, and love as it’s planks. He is calling upon us to meditate on Christ’s love, to read about His life, to pray for His heart, and to purposefully live as He did. The oneness that God calls us to embrace is oneness with Him through Jesus. The Lord feels joyous when we see others as He does and choose to serve them; He is delighted when we trust His Spirit to lead us to the needs of the people around us and when we set aside our own wishes, wants, and desires in order to allow Christ the opportunity to work through us to touch hearts. Understanding and embracing the heart of Christ is a prayer goal for every day; likewise, living in the way that He calls upon us to live is the corresponding action goal for this day.