And because of God you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption

1 Corinthians 1: 30

It seems that Paul was being reminded of all of the years of his life when he thought that he was totally in control, when he had his life’s direction well planned; then, God entered into the picture with such a mighty presence that he was forced to change coarse. If there is ever a time and a place to give up control and to accept what is there for us, it is in our connection to Christ. If you ever feel the urge to let go of the steering wheel and simply allow life to drive itself, do it so that the Lord’s hands do the guiding. 

God is the pursuer, he is the faithful one, and He never stops calling out to us; God wants to be in a deeply committed relationship with Him. When we agree to make that commitment, He opens our hearts to the kind of truth that will sustain the relationship and that will enlighten us in how to live well with others. God gives us a new definition of wisdom, and He provides us with its perfect example and teacher in Jesus. Through Christ we are made right in God’s eyes; thus, we can treat others rightly with loving honor and grace. Through Him we are separated from the world and from the sin that rules it; we are provided with a clearer and a higher view of what it means to live righteously. Through Jesus’ sacrifice we have been reclaimed from the spiritual dead end life that we were living, for now we are truly alive. All of this was done for us, and the results of this change are being expressed through us every day.

It is God’s wish and his will that we would give him credit for bringing us to him; He wants us to live as the new people that we have become through grace; and he absolutely wants us to let others in on the secret. It is a very simple story; lost and heart-dead, then picked up, cleaned up, and placed upon high with Christ. I did none of this for myself; Jesus does it all for anyone who will let Him. Tell the story to all you meet, and shout out its mighty truth through living in holy obedience to Christ’s calling..