Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!

Serve the Lord with gladness!

Come into his presence with singing!

Psalm 100: 1, 2

Do you ever have days when the last thing that you would consider doing is singing, especially singing joyfully? I do; in fact, I do have those sorts of days too much of the time. So what is it that goes wrong? Well, it seems that life is what happens. There are bills to be paid, there are pressures and stresses at work, the world is full of sadness and anger, the news is full of nothing but apprehension, I don’t feel good, my important relationships are going sideways or worse; the list could continue for pages. The point is that there are always issues and events and feelings that make starting out the day in a positive and joyful frame of mind very hard to do.

Life can become a very painful place to exist; and existing is about all that we can accomplish when life is like this. We just hang on and hope that something will change, and if we are feeling especially optimistic, we hope that something will change for the better, too. God gives us a simple antidote to the day starting state of mind that tends to set an already defeated tone for our day; for, He says to crawl out of bed and sing some songs of praise. Now you may find that those who you encounter in the morning or your neighbors may take something of an exception to your operatic style renditions of praise songs. That is not exactly what the writer of this Psalm (a song, by the way) is saying to do.

He is saying to start off the day by talking to God about the peace, the joy, the answers to needs, the protection; about the ways that God is faithful to us; that is, the Lord wants us to sing a joyful song. God still wants to hear about our fears and our pain and our struggles; however, in order to set our minds into a frame of reference that is positively focused on answers, He also wants us to focus on His responses to our needs, and on Christ’s saving love. He is telling us that we can go out into our day with an attitude that is characterized by a heart that is singing the joyful song of a beloved child of the Lord.