Accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.

Romans 15: 7

Who doesn’t want to be accepted? There are times when it seems like that is really the thing that many people desire most. The need and drive for acceptance can be greater than the need to be loved or than the drive to succeed, for our sense of acceptance can, in fact, define our own personal understanding of how much we are loved and how successful we have become. So, the things that we will do in order to gain this sort of status with others can go way beyond what is good or healthy and can cause a frightening degree of imbalance in life.

God recognizes this need in us, and He grants a much higher form of acceptance to anyone who is willing to set aside pride, fear, and the stubborn need to hang onto the past by accepting the saving sacrifice of Christ and surrendering to His lordship. God doesn’t set out any prequalifications or have us take an entrance exam before He is willing to let us into His kingdom, and the Lord won’t require anyone to put on fancy or even clean clothes prior to letting them in to His grace. We are not even required to really understand who God is or what He is capable of doing first. You see, God desires to accept people, and He seeks out everyone on the earth with His message of hope, love, and grace in order to bring about the restoration of our lives to the glorious form that His creation design intended.

Christ also tells us that He wants us to recognize that our acceptance is absolute, unconditional, and complete; then, He sends us into our world to meet the need for acceptance that other people have. It is only when we learn to give acceptance to others that we will begin to fully grasp and to completely enjoy the sort of unconditional acceptance that we have gained in God’s eyes through Christ.