And now I commend you to God and to the word of His grace, which is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Acts 20: 32

At the end of his talk with the elders of the church at Ephesus Paul delivered this blessing to them, for he was not going to spend time in their city with them on the current journey, and he had only a moment to personally connect with them. Yet, it strikes me that this simple sentence contains a fundamental truth about making it through this day and the next one with my head held up in righteousness and my spirits filled with Christ’s joy. Now Paul was a great teacher of God’s truth, and it seems that he probably had a very strong personality and was a compelling leader; still, he knew that people needed more than his presence and personal leadership to live fully in the manner that God intended for them, and he trusted totally in something much greater than himself and more capable than any person.

Life will ultimately require each of us to dig deep into ourselves in order to respond to the situations and the pressures that come at us. The way that we do this is going to depend upon the resources that we have stored away in our hearts and our minds and upon the strength of character that we have allowed the Lord the opportunity to develop within us. It seems that something very special, amazing, and even mystical happens when God’s people spend time in reading and meditating on His word, for the words on the page seem to gain new meaning and dimensions of application that exceed the simple scope of the language. This is one of the times when God’s Spirit interacts with us in ways that are a central part of the special gift of faith that God has given to His own, and this is one of the primary ways that God works in us to prepare us to follow Him absolutely through each day of our lives. 

God has set aside for all of His people a very special gift that is a part of His promise of salvation from our lost and sin governed lives, and that gift is in the form of an inheritance. This extraordinary legacy originated before there was time, and it has been preserved in a perfect condition throughout history; although, it has been handed out over and over again, there is no limit to its availability. God wants everyone to enjoy the benefits of a full and complete knowledge of Him, and He also wants each of us to go through our days with our hearts and our minds bathed in all of the love, grace, joy, peace, wisdom, compassion, mercy, and understanding that the Lord has to give. The inheritance that God has for us is restoration. He wants to work in us to bring us ever closer to the state of living that His creation plan intended; all that the Lord asks of us is that we believe in His promises and trust Him, and His word and His Spirit will perform the miracle of restoration in us.