Oh, sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth!

Sing to the Lord, bless His name, tell of His salvation from day to day.

Psalm 96: 1, 2

God loves to hear His children sing. He never stops smiling when we open our hearts and let out a declaration of our understanding of His love for us, for God is the true proud parent who continually desires to hear the voice of His children. But there is much more to this idea, for God wants us to do so much more with our thoughts and our words of praise for Him. He wants us to form them in our own minds and to reflect on them in our hearts so that we will gain a deeper understanding of the depth of our relationship with Him.

Praise is most truly expressed in the next step in our journey of trust and continual worship of the Lord. At this point God wants us to talk to others. He wants us to tell those in our world about this love and the care that we receive continually. As God is involved in our lives; so, He wants us to share these life changing and life saving truths with others.

We do this through the words that we say, by telling others about our relationship with the Lord and by giving Him credit for what He is doing in us and for us. We also speak most clearly through our actions. As we respect and value others and as we are fearless in living a life that is centered in moral strength, the words of God’s truth and unending grace will shout out from our hearts, and our lives will tell the real story of God’s life changing love.