The One forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity; I am the Lord who does all these.

Isaiah 45: 7

It’s right there on the page, words that are attributed to God where He seems to be saying that He is responsible for the evil that runs rampant in the world, but is that what He is really saying? It is an inescapable fact that natural disasters happen, for there are times when it seems like all of the elements that we count on for our well being such as wind, water, fire, and earth have taken on an evil character and are out to destroy our world. When we look at the news or listen to the stories that people have to tell, the presence of evil in the actions of some people is equally apparent. The reality of pain, oppression, destruction, and death surrounds us daily. Perhaps God is just powerless or maybe He is indifferent when it comes to these sorts of things?

Those thoughts are inconsistent with the nature and the character of the God that I have come to know and Whose involvement in my life I have experienced, and they also defy the reason and the logic of the way that God has been engaged in the affairs of people throughout history. So, there must be something else going on when there is so much hurt and so many calamities occurring in our world. Although God could stop any and all of it, I think that He allows the effects of sin to continue because He knows that we are, in fact, reaping the harvest of our own actions, and He also knows that we people tend to worship the illusions of human goodness and endeavor and natural beauty and our control over it rather than focusing on the Lord’s perfect righteousness and His gift of natural resources.

In order to make sense out of large and small destructive events and out of national and individual losses, we need to realize that these do have a purpose in God’s perspective on our lives. For we need God’s wisdom and understanding the most when the situation is the most difficult, the need for restoration is the greatest in these times; especially, we need the Lord’s perspective in times when our human logic fails to make any sense out of what has happened. God’s love, compassion, and capacity for mercy in conjunction with His strength and ability to bring infinite resources to bear are what we require to not only face the challenges that come our way when we become involved in the lives of those who have been injured, but they also show us and the world the face of the true giver of salvation.