He heals the brokenhearted

and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147: 3

Of all of the pain that we can experience, pain that comes from the heart is the deepest. A hurting heart seems to pump it’s suffering through us with every beat; even the tips of our toes can feel it. There are many causes for this profound type of pain: lost love, losing a loved one, rejection, isolation, abandonment; all of these causes are huge; we are deeply hurt when we experience them. Yet, I think that the single biggest cause of heart-deep pain is separation from God.

For people who do not know God, have not allowed Jesus into their lives, do not have access to the services of the only competent, the singular licensed to practice in all locales and under every circumstance physician in the universe. The fatal wound to their hearts has already been inflicted; life is merely a process of slowly bleeding to death. For those who have turned to Jesus and have accepted him, a very strange thing has happened, they have been healed from the same mortal injury. There is still pain in life, we still experience hurtful situations and damaged and damaging relationships; we have an ongoing need to stay close to the Healer. 

Only God can reach through our flesh into our hearts, into the depths of our souls, and touch the pain. Only God can lead our minds out of the dark hopelessness of deep sorrow into his joy. The Lord knows our hurts, understands the treatment that each situation requires; he tenderly cares for us, and then he places soothing ointment and a protective bandage on the wound so that it can heal properly. However, we do have one very important part to play in our own healing, we need to go to the doctor; we need to allow God access to our hurts, to our hearts; we have to make the appointment, go into the clinic. He still makes house calls too; in fact, God makes heart calls. We do need to let him in, firstly as savior; then, as healer. The brokenness and the pain of his children are God’s primary mission; he promises to have a cure for your suffering.