I would hasten to my place of refuge from the stormy wind and tempest.

Psalm 55: 8

The experience of a storm is something that is common to all people; however, there is a wide range of pleasure and discomfort in those experiences. In fact, each of us encounters times when the storm brings refreshing energy into our lives and others when it causes concern that can readily turn into panic. A lot of the difference is the result of how much we feel either in or out of control and how much concern we have about the amount of damage that the storm might cause.

When we try to take on the swirling winds and the driving rain by ourselves, and the strength and the wisdom that we need to survive it all are coming from personal resources, there will always be a less than desirable result; we may make it through some days, and we may hold it all together for some period of time; but, in the end, the forces that are driving the the winds will overcome us. Yet, there is a calm, safe, and available place to go where strength is more than restored and where the wisdom of eternity is provided to everyone who is wise enough to seek it.

The Lord does not tell us to stay safely inside our houses and to avoid those strong winds and the flying debris that are found out in our world; rather, He wants us to find our footing, base our thinking, and plan the adventure from the perspective of the calm of His word and with the life line of His Spirit to hold onto. The Lord is the refuge that we have to go into when life is too much to handle, and He is the One who will take us back out into the the world’s tempest so that we can bring God’s settling grace into it.