To me, the very least of all saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ.

Ephesians 3: 8

This is the great evangelistic teacher and writer Paul speaking, and he was very clear in his understanding of what God had given to him as a life’s work. He also understood that everything that he brought to the table so far as knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and skill was also a gift from God; for, all of the talent and the hard work that Paul had invested in preparation for life had been proven to be futile in a few moments of direct contact with the Living God; yet, the same Lord who brought him to his knees also filled him with all of the knowledge and truth that he would ever need to follow Christ and to serve Him fully.

The thing that strikes me about Paul’s statement here is that it does not apply solely to him; this should be a true statement that anyone who knows Christ can claim. We may not be gifted with the ability of Paul to teach, write, and preach, but we are all given the same sort of grace, and we are given a mission to fulfill in this world. As the Spirit fills us with the ability to understand God’s word, He also grants to everyone the ability to live it. For most of us preaching is not going to be something that we do in front of a crowd, but it is something that we can do every day. Every time that we pick up the neighbor’s wind tossed trash can, when we return kindness for indifference, as we give up advantage for compassion, and through each and every act of loving grace that we engage we are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

 As we are blessed by the extraordinary riches of Christ’s love, we are called upon by God to do the same for the people of the world where we live. Consider the impact that you can have on your community and on this world by simply showing the fullness of Christ to them. For most people God is at best an abstract concept, a distant image, or something too mystical to be a part of their daily reality; however, you and I have the ability through the grace that Christ has granted to us to change all of that. We can make Christ real for anyone who has a heart to look and to see, and that is our Divine calling.