The Lord says,” I will pour out water on the thirsty land and streams on the dry ground.”

Isaiah 44:3

If there ever were a dry and a thirsty land, this is it; for, evil is everywhere soaking up all of the refreshing and life sustaining moisture; thus, this world can be an arid and an inhospitable place for the soul to reside. The effects of dehydration can wear down the will to continue on, and change a forward looking perspective into a survival driven quest. Yet, it is to this very need that the Lord is speaking, and He speaks with a voice that is authoritative, reassuring, and convincing, and He tells me to stop worrying about my parched throat, for God will give me all of the water that I will ever need, and all I have to do to drink my fill is open my heart to His truth.

It is not that this thirsty condition is not natural or that is is in some way wrong, for it is actually a useful state of being. Thirst is a powerful driver in people that causes us to set aside other interests and pursuits in order to satisfy its cravings before they reach the level of life or death urgency. So, when my mouth is being chocked with the dust of this world and my personal sources of liquid replenishment have been drained, I am forced to slow down my relentless motion, and I am required to start searching for a source of resupply and restoration. These are the sorts of times when the voice of the Lord seems to speak with the sort of clarity and strength that penetrates through the thirst to overcome all of my self-directed attempts to meet this need.

God’s Spirit is the great diviner of the type of water that actually works to satisfy the powerful needs of my heart. He leads me deeper into the truths that flow from and through His word. Sometimes they pour out like a great river, at other times they roll gently along with the soft gurgling sound of a mountain stream, and there are truths that need to be dug from deep inside the core; yet, there is always far more available to me than I can possibly consume, and the Lord is more than generous with this gift. So, when life’s desert starts to fill your day with dryness, look to the true water of God’s word for the unending refreshment that will not fail.