Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.

Joshua 1: 3

Consider the possibilities; think of the potential, embrace the confidence that could come out of owning a promise like this. These are the words of God spoken to Joshua when he had just taken on the leadership of the people of Israel. He was about to take steps that would lead to the completion of a long journey; he was about to move in a manner and a direction that required that he have faith in God and trust him totally. So God told Joshua to believe that everything was already handled.

Now, move ahead in time to now; how does this promise from God relate to this world? Is it possible to go out into our own land, to move through the day with the sort of faith based boldness, the fearlessness and confidence that was given to Joshua? From my perspective, I often spend way too much time in asking the questions rather than in trusting God for the outcomes. He made a promise then; that promise is still good today.

I will not leave you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous.

Joshua 1: 5b,6a

If we follow the direction of God to live our lives with an attitude of taking back our world, he promises to be with us for every moment of the engagement. What does it mean to take back our world for God? Firstly, it was His and has been temporarily taken over by Satan and his followers; secondly, God wants all of the people of this world to be in a close, personal, member of His family type of relationship with their Creator. Finally, God has created each of us with the skills and the talents that are needed to make the connections with people, and he desires that we would trust him and that his love for us would be important enough for us to share this love and truth with the people that we meet as we go through life.

So, trust God from the beginning to the end of the day; know that he walks with you through all of it; so, every place that you step is holy ground, for he is stepping there too. Feel safe to love those that you meet, share Jesus with them in your actions and thoughts, and through words. Every person that you meet today needs to know Him, and God wants to know everyone of them. Today is the day to claim your corner of this world for its Creator and for your Savior.