Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; and do confirm the work of our hands; yes, confirm the work of our hands.

Psalm 90: 17

When a child has completed a craft project or done a job around the house that required some special effort, she will often come to a parent with that special, expectant look on her face and an uneasy sort of anticipatory tension in her body language. The child is waiting for the look of acknowledgement and words of acceptance of the efforts that she has put out. This need to have the work that we have done approved by one who loves us and who we respect never goes away; we all still want to hear and understand that what we have done is good and worthy.

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to give praise or to even make mention of the efforts of others; there seems to be an unwritten rule among people that says that everyone should just know when they are doing things well and that too much praise causes others to develop inflated egos or to become lazy. However, the Lord doesn’t seem to function that way, for He never stops bringing words of encouragement to His children. Sometimes they are expressed in the form of a quiet voice that seems to just exist somewhere inside of me, He also speaks from the pages of His word straight into my heart, and God uses the expressions of other people as His way of telling me of His praise and approval. Regardless of the method, my God is never silent.

When I am questioning my direction, when I am wondering about the validity of my efforts, or when I am hearing disapproving voices, I need to stop the busy activity of my mind and open my heart to listen to Lord’s voice. I need to stop and talk with Him, slow down and allow the deeper meaning of His word a chance to be revealed to me, and make my voice be quiet so that I can hear the words of my Lord. For, as a reminder to myself, God is never silent and He is always the One who brings praise and encouragement to my soul.