It is He who changes the times and the epochs: He removes kings and establishes kings;

He gives wisdom to wise men, and knowledge to men of understanding.

Daniel 2: 21

Governments come and go; presidents, premiers, prime ministers, and princes gain power and lose it; and the times that we live in change in ways that seem good for a moment and seem bad for another. This is the nature of our modern world, and this was the nature of the ancient one that Daniel lived in too. All of the institutions that provide structure to our lives exist because God has ordained it; He created a universe that was orderly, and He gives back to us some form of that order to keep the chaos of our sinful natures in check until Christ returns and the original perfection is restored.

Still, if we want to have the wisdom and understanding that we need to make the best possible decisions regarding these rulers and about the way that we will interact with our world, we need to look much deeper than the current news or than our own feelings and impressions of what is right or what is good. The Lord promises us that He will give all wisdom to those who are wise enough to turn to Him for it. He has also given His Spirit to us to explain the great mysteries of life to our hearts and to our minds.

Wisdom comes to people who realize that they don’t know it all, and true understanding is granted to those who accept that fact that they know nothing in and of themselves. God calls on His people to humble our hearts and to open our minds so that we are prepared to be filled with the eternal wisdom of His word. The Spirit of God comes into us in order to show us the righteous way to respond to our world, and the Lord sends us out into life to be sources of light in our darkened age.