Let the name of God be blessed forever and ever,

For wisdom and power belong to Him.

Daniel 2: 20

We would all like to get up in the morning and be able to anticipate the very best from our day; so that, there would never be bills to pay, broken pipes, legal issues, harsh work situations, conflicts, or loss; yet, not considering those events as not only possible but as likely is naive at best and is probably foolishness. These are the sorts of things that come to all people regardless of state or status in life; however, the way that each of us responds to them tells a great deal about the current state of our relationship with God.

Daniel’s prayerful words of praise for God, although they were expressed in a very stressful moment, seem to be the outpouring of his continual attitude toward God and of his regular recognition of who God is, what He means in Daniel’s life, and of why that matters above everything else. In these few words there is recognition of the fact that the Lord is never absent, is always involved with us, and sees the entire picture of our lives; there is also understanding of the fact that God’s involvement in our lives is always directed toward our own good; thus, we need to keep thoughts of praise for Him on our hearts, in our minds, and on our lips continually. Daniel also recognizes that his source of truth and solid perspective on all that life will bring his way come solely from the Lord, and he expresses his grasp of the fact that there is no where else to go for the strength that he needed to handle it all. 

It is a simple and a too painfully proven fact that on my own I do not handle stressful situations and the people that seem to cause them very well, for I become fearful, thus angry; then, I lash out at others or become defensive; thus, I portray my God poorly, and I deny Him the opportunity to again prove the truth of His total, loving involvement in every aspect of life. The answer to this continual challenge is to take Daniel’s approach literally to heart; I need to prepare for the absolute probability that I will need to deal with hard situations today by staying close to my Lord at all times, by living life in a state of on-going conversation with Him, and by regularly reading the truths of His word and by listening to His Spirit as He speaks those truths to my heart. Lord, let Daniel’s prayer be the song of my heart through every moment of this day.