Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God that He may exalt you at the proper time.

1 Peter 5: 6

Every day of my life there is more than enough wisdom and way more strength available to me than I ever realize and than I ever utilize. This is particularly true on the days when I am most stretched by trying to just keep up with the stresses and the demands that life has covered me with, and these are the times when I am most likely to go deep into myself to try to find the resources those personal reserves of resources that my ego tells me are always going to get me through.

My mind tells me that I have it all under control, that I always have the answers, and that I am the captain of my own ship’s destiny; yet, my relationship with Christ is slowly teaching me that everything that actually works comes from Him; so, I am placed into a quandary of decision, for in the most demanding and stressful of times in my life, I need to become the most submitted to the love, wisdom, and grace of God. In other words, at the moment that my experience, training, and practice drive me toward independence and personal strength, the Lord asks me to let all of that go and trust Him first, and this is counter to my deeply-held and intuitive response.

Still, the truth is that God’s hand is mighty, His loving heart is huge beyond description, and His desire is for me to prosper in ways that matter at the eternal level. When I take the time to pray my way into and through the hard conversations, interactions, and decisions of my day, the Lord never fails to give me wisdom, understanding, and the peace that I need to proceed. As I let God’s word be my guide book and His Spirit my mentor, things become more clear, and my responses take on a loving attitude that is not naturally mine.