In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

1 Corinthians 8: 37

This is a short and sweet thought that is so very hard to accept as a moment by moment, always operative principle of living in a relationship with God. This is the goal that God had in mind for all people when He committed Jesus to become the sacrifice that would bridge the gap between us and Himself. Sin entered our world, became a part of our DNA, and continues to corrupt the perfection of Creation. Christ grants everyone the opportunity to defeat all of those influences and to be reborn, transformed, and to live in His victory.

People need to recognize the victory that is already theirs. That doesn’t mean that there are not hard days and very real trials in the lives of those who follow Christ and who love Him, for there will be hardships and difficulties that can be painful beyond imagining; yet, even the worst of these days are a part of Christ’s victory. By knowing who we are as children of God, understanding that every moment of our lives has a purpose that He has given to us, and trusting in Him to provide the strength and the encouragement that we need to live joyously despite what is happening to us, we can claim the Lord’s victory in our daily lives.

For me, I need to continuously look at the nature of Christ’s victory; it is overwhelming, for there is no close score, no split decision, and no question or doubt about the outcome; He has defeated all of the forces of sin and the death sentence that it brought to all people. As I start my day, as I reach its mid point, and as it is finished, I can keep my eyes focused on my own status as a child of the Living God who has been granted the status of a total, indisputable, and absolute overwhelming conqueror by the love that Christ has for me.