I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not fasten its grip on me.

Psalm 101: 3

This is a purpose statement that is rather broad and sweeping in its content and intent. At first glance it seems to very limiting in that it applies a definition of worth onto an individual’s entire world, and it sets value on everything that we allow into our lives. There is also a direct statement about attitude toward certain people that could become very narrow and even harsh. If we are to take David’s thoughts and apply them to our lives, we will require the ability to discern worth and to understand the human heart, and these are core actions of the Spirit of God in the life of everyone who knows Him and who listens to His voice.

As I open my heart to the Spirit and really look at the content of my life from His perspective, the scene that plays before my eyes can be troubling, for a lot of the worthlessness that comes into my path is placed there by my own hand or is allowed into my sight by my unwillingness to stand strong for what is righteous and good by relying on the courage that Christ gives to me. Also, the falling away is too often the result of my feet walking away from the center of God’s will; thus, I become my own bad influence. David knew all about these challenges to living in the joy, peace, and righteousness of God’s calling, and He provides us all with the hope of his understanding of God’s victory in our lives.

Like David we each need to determine two things and own one truth. We can control what we allow into our minds so that the thoughts and the images that will distract us and that will confuse us can be eliminated; also, we can choose to trust Christ and the leading of His Spirit with determining our path through each day, and we can allow them to be our continual filter of what is true and what is worthy. Finally, we need to accept the promise of God that He will never let go of His children, His grip is unbreakable; so, no matter where I have strayed or what I have done, the Lord will restore my heart and my mind. This is God’s eternal promise.