Be glad and rejoice forever in what I create; for behold, I create Jerusalem for rejoicing, and her people for gladness.

Isaiah 65: 18

The dawn of this day may not have brought a sense of joy or even the hint of gladness to your mind, for there are dragons of the very fiercest variety waiting just outside your door that you need to face and do battle against; in fact, things may be worse than that, for a dragon or two may have slipped into your house during the night; so, you won’t even get that first cup of coffee down before the hand to hand begins. Life can be truly hard, and unfortunately, God tells us that living in this fallen world will mean that the challenges are going to keep coming our way.

However, the Lord has His heart set on restoration and His mind focused on accomplishing that desire. The total and complete return of this world to the state of perfect peace that was God’s original design is a promised future event; so, we get to live in a world that is full of the strife and discord that evil causes. Although we live in that sort of environment, the Lord wants to set His children apart from it all, for He wants us to fully understand our place in His kingdom and His role in making that place our living reality. God’s promise to me is that He will protect me from the dragons and that He will be victorious over them for me. The moment that we place our trust and our faith in Christ, He starts to reform and to restore us to be like the perfect creation that was God’s workmanship in the beginning.

Now we have the light of God’s truth to brighten the darkest days of our earthly existence, and we also have the opportunity to let that same light shine out from us into the dark void that surrounds us. When the foul breath of that dragon is hot and the steam of its anger is swirling around your heart, look closely at the truth of the promises that God has made to you, and remember the reality of the victory over evil that Christ has already accomplished for you. Then seek the Lord’s will and His approach to the challenge that lies out there to be confronted, and face it with a heart that is filled the gladness that comes from the presence of Christ and that can always rejoice in the victory that is already yours.