Just as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly.

1 Corinthians15: 49

Some of us were borne into this world with parents who loved and adored us and thought that everything we said and did was a clear indication of just how wonderful we were and of how great our potential was. Others breathed the air of abuse, neglect, and were filled with a sense of their own lack of value and worth, and some were totally abandoned by their birth parents. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding birth and upbringing, all of us were born as children of this world with all of the sinful attributes that come from that relationship; also, we were all born with an unlimited potential for developing into people who are living, flesh and blood images of God.

The influences that come from our upbringing and from our personal histories are very real, and they effect us in ways that are obvious and others that are subtle every day of our lives; yet, these influences do not have to rule us, and we have the ability to choose freedom from the power of our original, earthy and sinful, image. Christ is the perfect image of the heavenly, and He came in order to bring us all the opportunity to select freedom from this world’s crushing weight of evil, doubt, and fear. God has provided me with a new image to carry through my day, and that image is one that is continually being molded and shaped into one that is like Jesus’.

The more that I am willing to accept the change that this reality brings in me, and the more I seek God and allow His Spirit to open access to my areas of earthiness, the more rapidly this movement from worldly person in to righteous person will occur. As I choose to seek God by living as He desires, by loving others, by working for their freedom, and by trusting the Lord with all of my mind and heart, He will produce the image changes in me that will make me more and more like the heavenly.