The weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.

2 Corinthians 10: 4

It is simply and too constantly true that there is a battle to be fought almost every day of our lives, for there will always be something that comes along to cause tension, strife, discord, and misdirection. People who know God and who claim a relationship with Christ are called upon to fight with great conviction , enthusiasm, and endurance; also, we are instructed by God to have a strategy and to use tactics and weapons that are very different from those employed by the rest of our world.

Most of us have been trained to use power, position, and force of will to overcome all that gets in the way of our objectives; then, we have gone about the business of practicing these skills in order to sharpen them to the point where we can win in most situations. Christ tells us to set aside the fighting skills that we have been developing over a lifetime, and He instructs us to look deeper, to go inside of our hearts, to the center of our souls, where His Spirit resides. It is there that we will find the weapons of our fight against evil and the deception that it brings into our world; the Spirit gives freely of His love, peace, grace, clarity of thought, and endurance, and the word of God provides the ammunition for our fight.

Whether the battle is one that will be engaged with other people, institutions, or with the forces of sin in ourselves, the preparation and the weapons of choice for the fight come from the same source. For as we look into God’s word, stay prayerfully engaged with Him, and actively pursue relationships with people who know Christ, we are planning, training, and gaining the needed strength for the fight. Then, when the fight starts to become real and the tension of it starts to grow,¬†we need to continue to allow the Lord to lead the way and remain yielded to His will so that God’s tactics and weapons are the ones that we rely on to the end.