Have mercy on some who are doubting.

Jude 22

Have you had your doubting times? These are days when very little of what was going on in your life made sense and when confusion, disappointment, and even a sense of deep spiritual aloneness ruled your heart. If this is a part of your personal history, then you are probably in the majority among people of faith, and you are among a multitude of people who don’t know Christ on an intimate basis.

Doubt is a tool that Satan uses to cloud people’s minds and to conceal the truth of God’s love, grace, and mercy from us; it is also a part of the path that most of us need to take in order to get from that place of partial commitment to the Lord which is the universal starting point of most faith journeys to the ever deepening and always growing relationship that the Spirit of God wants to take us to. For as we explore and deal with issues of doubt, we open up some of the hidden corners of our hearts, and we are forced to face the issues and the fears that we are hiding there; then, the light of God’s truth has an opportunity to cleanse us of these old-self elements that are causing us so much pain and discouragement.

It is completely normal for us to experience these times of doubting, and each of us will encounter others who are going through such a time as well. How we choose to handle these times is what matters most, for Christ wants to take the doubt that we are experiencing and show us the reality of His presence in our lives, and He wants us to embrace the doubter with our own confident love so that others who are in need will see tangible proof of the the Lord’s direct engagement in their lives.