“Whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother.” Jesus

Mark 3: 35

This is one of the most radical things that Jesus ever said, for He was redefining the primary relationship in almost everyone’s life. According to Jesus, family was no longer defined in terms of blood, ancestry, household, or any other human connection; He was including many who by any of those criteria would have been excluded from His household; Christ was opening up the possibility for all of us to be directly and permanently related to God through Him. Jesus set forth one and only one simple requirement for that form of acceptance, we need to do the will of God.

The primary thing that God desires from all people is that we would love Him and seek to draw near to Him as children gathering around their father. He doesn’t seek for us to engage in any specific form of religious practice, join any organizations, say specific words, or pledge our wealth; however, we may do any or all of these things, but the Lord wants us to do them because of our relationship with Him rather than in order to gain that relationship. God wants us to realize that what we do is secondary to the attitudes that we form in our hearts; thus, it is our motivation that He is most interested in, and I have found that when my motivation is directed toward doing God’s will rather than toward seeking to please Him, I tend act in a manner that reflects the joy, peace, and freedom that Jesus came to give to all.

Consider the fact that Jesus, the Savior of the world, is reaching out His hand and embracing you as a loved and cherished member of His immediate family, for through Him, we are brought into the household of God. So, we are not on the outside attempting to gain favor through our appearance of goodness and proper actions; instead, we are free to join our Lord in extending loving arms to the hurting people of our world. We have an opportunity to reach into the vast sea of spiritual orphans that fill this world and offer them the opportunity to accept God’s always open invitation to join in eternal family.