For the Son of Man came to seek and to save that which was lost.

Luke 19: 10

God is always seeking, ever pressing on to reach into the darkened depths of the souls of people, for He claims everyone on this earth as His own, and the Lord will not rest from the quest after relationship with us until we have totally closed and locked away any possible access to our hearts. Since God sees nothing but the potential that He designed into us, He continues to view us with that Father’s eye for the potential beauty within until the moment that we draw our last earthly breath.

My Lord wants me to view others in this same way; He tells me to love my neighbor, to forgive wrong doing, to offer up my un injured cheek to the person who just hit me, and to care about the eternity of others more than I care about my own security or comfort. Jesus seemed to actually enjoy the company of such flawed and coarse people as we are; He gathered the imperfect and the self-focused to His side; and He continues to delight in being in the close and intimate company of people such as you and me.

Jesus came after me; He has come after you, and He wants us to join Him in the relentless pursuit of others. This world is filled with lostness and the pain that it causes; Christ provides the answers to the void that sin carved out; and people who know Him are the means that God uses to connect that empty need with His healing love. Jesus desires to walk with each of us through this day of seeking and of providing restorative truth to the hearts of people.