Put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.

Ephesians 4: 24

Most people have dreams and aspirations toward things that we would like to do or skills and qualities that we would like to have; when we are young, these are often at their wildest and most imaginative; then, we aspire to be athletes, super heroes, great thinkers, inventors, and actors. As life progresses we continue to hold dreams and desires for things that we would like to do and for ways that we would like to have influence in our world. God made us with hearts and minds that keep looking outwardly and ahead toward new and greater challenges.

Yet, in our relationship with God, the greatest thing that we can aspire toward is actually found within ourselves, for Christ has called us to become totally new beings, people who are different in all of the ways that are truly important for living lives that have lasting impact and eternal consequences. Thus, the Spirit of God becomes a part of us, and we are married to our Lord in a way that opens us up to the on-going and life long transformational work that God has promised to perform in each of His children.

Our part in this process is vital, for each of us needs to recognize the need for change, accept the truth about how God is calling me to think and behave, and stay humbly repentant for the ways that I will fail to live in the righteous manner that the Lord desires for me. I also need to be a seeker after the truth that is the center piece of my new identity; there will be times when that truth is painfully revealing of how far I still have to go in order to have fully accepted my new self; yet, this journey along the road toward the center of my new life is the greatest adventure that I could ever imagine, and the changes in myself that are the result of the travels bring me ever closer to being the person that my heart was created to desire to be.