In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.

John 1: 4

Everywhere that we go during this busy Christmas season there are lights and bright decorations; people dress in festive clothes and wear bright reds and greens; there are even folks who put on self lighted hats  in the shape of pine trees and with antlers attached; yet, the darkness of living in this world seems to reach its deepest point at this same time of year. The intensity of the focus and the amount of energy that is expended on simply trying to accomplish the impossible and in attempting to meet unobtainable goals can become overwhelming.

Christ came into this world to to be the one who does, not to require more to do lists. He walked among us so that our days would be made simpler rather than more complex, and Jesus wants our hearts to become beacons of a light that is so strong that it will penetrate all of the world’s darkened corners. There is nothing wrong with giving gifts, decorating, the special meals, and the festive gathering of family and friends; yet, the thing that matters in all of this is the way that we go about all of this activity. The question that I need to ask myself is this, “Am I a source of light, hope, peace, and joy to the people that I am encountering; and do these people see Christ’s love and grace when they are interacting with me?”

Therefore, the goal for my day needs to be one of giving life and bringing the hope of light into the lives of my coworkers, friends, family, and even strangers on the street. The crazy thing is that even that goal can become a burdensome task if I am not willing to allow that it actually should be the most natural of all activities, for Christ has already given these gifts to me, and He is the one who will do all of the giving, too. The Spirit of God will work through us if we stay focused on Him, and the Lord will guide our hearts and our minds into His peace if we allow it; then, we will be the bearers of the unstoppable light that is Christ’s hope for the world.