On the contrary, who are you, O man, who answers back to God? The thing molded will not say to the molder, “Why did you make me like this,” will it?

Romans 9: 20

Most of us like some of what we are and dislike other aspects of ourselves. You may really feel good about your height but find your hair disturbing, or enjoy the way that your grandmother’s eyes shine out from your face but find her prominent chin out of proportion. Our bodies are simply a shell that carries around the true self that is framed and defined by our minds and our personalities, and these gain their ultimate definition by the way that our souls relate to God.

Every cell of our bodies, and each aspect of our personalities was designed and created by God in a way that is a direct reflection of Him; people were created in the image of the Creator; He is a potter whose hands produce no misthrown pots; the Lord makes perfection each and every time. Sin corrupts, defiles, and misdirects us; evil attempts to keep us separate from the purifying heat of the kiln that we enter when we accept Christ; yet, the Lord continually seeks after us and wants with all of His heart for us to enter into the relationship with Him through which we are made pure, holy, and righteous.

Sometimes, I think that the biggest challenge that I have is in just accepting that who I am and the gifts that I have are exactly the package of characteristics, understanding, intellect, and personality that God intended; therefore, this pot that He made is specifically and exactly the vessel that He wants and needs to perform an important function in this world. Thus, when I doubt myself and when I act in ways that are ungodly, I am allowing the impurities of my old self and the evil in this world an opportunity to divert me from the purpose that God intends for my life, and I am listening to the lies and the deception that Satan throws at me in order to keep me from bringing glory to my Creator. My focus for this day is on this thought, the image of God is who I am, and the glory of God is what I need to reflect to the world.