I delight to do Thy will, O my God; Thy Law is within my heart.

Psalm 40: 8


The hearts that were issued to us at birth are essentially lawless; this may seem like a harsh thing to say about all those beautiful babies that are held with such loving joy in their mother’s arms, but it is a fact. Without the renewal that comes from the presence of the Spirit of God, even the most stridently moral and rigidly rule bound of us people lives without a true understanding of righteousness.


Still, God wants to give us a heart that is centered upon His will and that is focused on loving as He does; so, we need to look at our actions and our thoughts and seek the Lord’s Law when we find that we are operating in a manner that is less than He desires. When the joy and delight of living as God desires me to live are in conflict with the way that my heart and my mind are leading me, then I need to examine my own will to yield to God’s truth, for, in those times, I usually discover that the blood that is feeding my unrighteous thoughts is being pumped from a remaining chamber of my old, pre-Christ heart.


As I seek the Lord’s righteous will and turn those times in my life over to His cleansing touch, God’s Spirit works in me to replace these vestiges of my former self with heart muscle that is stronger and that is true to His will. There is amazing freedom and joy; there is true delight to be found in accepting each new aspect of the perfect Law of love and grace that God wants everyone to know.