Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.

Romans 10: 17


Christ speaks out in a great voice, and His voice tells the truth of God’s desire for all people, for He seeks after all of us with the relentless zeal of a loving father who has been separated from His child. The word of God was set down for me and for you over a period of time that is remarkable in its length, and it remains consistent in the story that it tells despite the fact that it was written over such a long period of time and by a multitude of writers who lived in such different cultures. 


As I listen to what God has to say, my heart hears the story of how God loves me, cares about my life, and seeks to provide it with meaning. From the very first words on the pages to the last expression of the Lord’s revealed truth, God is telling me everything that I need to know about living through this day in the peace and joy of His will; in addition to the written word, the Spirit of God leads me to the depth of understanding that brings the heart and the mind of Christ alive in me as I read, pray, and meditate on these truths.


Through hearing the voice of God, I get to know Him intimately, and I am led by His Spirit to understand myself more honestly, too. This is a day by day and moment by moment process of growing in my relationship with Christ; thus, I can face every day with the certain knowledge that my Lord will take me through it and that I can trust Him totally with all that is on my heart.