For by Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities- all things were created through Him and for Him.

Colossians 1: 16


This is a very big, bold statement that requires a little thought and some real contemplation to really get my hands around, for it implies some things about my own life that are important to understand; yet, that understanding challenges some of my reasoning and my rationale for the way things go in my world. Paul is saying that there is nothing on this earth or in heaven that Christ did not lay His hands on during the creative process, and he specifically includes all of the power brokers, rule divisors, and decision makers in this list of people and positions that are from God. That means that presidents, judges, pastors, and even that difficult and problematic boss were placed into their places of power by the hand of Christ.


This is where I start to struggle with it all, for I would love to be able to ascribe all of my disappointment with government and all of my struggles with my boss to the fact that there is something inherently evil in the people that fill these roles; yet, their very authority has been granted by the hand of my loving Saviour, and everything that I know about Him says that He only does things for me that are for my very best. So why do all of these human points of contention exist in my world, and what am I to make of it all?


The key becomes one of orientation, understanding, and trust, for I need to accept the fact that Christ put me into this world and has taken me to my current place in this life with specific and valuable purpose; so, I need to keep looking to Him for my focus and to keep me moving in His direction through my days. God’s Word will open my eyes to His truth about every situation that I face, but I need to continually seek that truth and open my mind to the Spirit’s revealing of it in order to operate in a wise manner. Finally, I need to trust my Lord to be continually on the look out for me and for my safety and security, and I must trust that Christ, the Creator of all, designed me specifically and placed me into the center of His will for my life and that so long as I continue to listen to His voice, I can live in the peace and the joy of His presence regardless of all that is happening around me.