Thus says God the Lord, Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and its offspring,

Who gives breath to the people on it, and spirit to those who walk in it.

Isaiah 42: 5


There is one overarching truth that runs through all of our life experiences, and it has existed from the moment of creation to this very instant; all of this, the earth, the heavens, the animals, the plants, and certainly all of the people were brought into existence and were carefully designed by the singular creative being who is the Lord, God Almighty. Therefore, the Lord cares greatly about everyone and about everything; He desires that we all experience a quality of life that satisfies the soul and that brings us closer to Him, for God’s greatest wish is that all people would come to know Him truly and that we would all desire to become agents for restoration of His Creation.


From God’s vantage point it is good to “Be Green”; it is worthy to care about the environment and to seek after its improvement, for as we do that, we are doing a work of righteous restoration; yet, it is even more righteous to seek the same kind of healing for the hearts and the minds of other people, for God cares about plants, rocks, and fresh water, but He is passionate about people. To the Lord, it is both appropriate and natural to care about the environment and people; all of the natural universe was given by God as a gift to his children; everything was designed for our benefit, and we have been given responsibility to care for all of it in the same loving manner that God cares for us.


For me the caution in all of this is to keep a clear perspective on priorities, for God is the Creator of all, and He needs to be the One who defines my attitudes and my efforts regarding the environment and the people in my life; then, I need to keep in mind the fact that the Lord set people at the center of His Creative effort. He enjoys the beauty of the earth, and I believe that He finds pleasure in such things as the silly antics of puppies and kittens, but the Lord’s true delight is found in our responses to His love and in our longing to be close to Him. It is in this relationship with God that people find their true spirit, vitality, and life.