Then he (Elijah) prayed again, and heaven gave rain, and the earth bore its fruit.

James 5: 18


Our prayer may not have the effect that Elijah’s did, for he asked God to stop the fall of rain so that sinful mankind would get the point of their need for total reliance on God, and that is not the point that James was making, anyway. The Lord asks us to trust Him to the degree that we can and will talk over everything with Him; God wants to hear the desires, the hurt, and the anticipation of our hearts. Mostly, God wants us to seek out His blessings for the people in our life.


Greatest among the many blessings that God gives to people is the one of salvation; He grants us the right to be restored to that original state of close communion with Him. Through living close to God and with His Spirit as our heart’s companion, we should be tending to the physical and the spiritual needs of the people around us; thus, we will be caretakers in this world’s garden of souls.


Every skillful and concerned gardener seeks what is best for the plants that she is tending; this is done through planning, gaining wisdom and understanding about the best methods to use, paying close attention to the condition of each plant and to its needs, and by providing the nutrients that are needed for healthy growth. As we are called to tend to the people that are growing in God’s garden, we should be seeking the Lord’s continual downpour of blessings upon each of their lives; then, as these people come to trust God, and they grow in their knowledge of Him, we can watch as the fruit of our labor of love develops its beauty and its sweet aroma and taste.