He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.

1 John 5: 12


There is being alive; breathing and moving about while working hard at crafting a meaningful life; then, there is having the life. When Christ becomes real for an individual, and we surrender our selves to Him, we gain a form of life that is impossible otherwise, and we gain an existence that is both eternal and has eternity written all over it.


The only way to become infused with the wisdom, understanding, and love of God is to have His Spirit enter into our beings; thus, the only way to gain access to the presence of God in our lives is through trusting Jesus enough to accept who He is; then, by surrendering control of my life to Him, i am able to enter into a relationship with Him. For me the yielding was a one time decision that has been followed by a lifetime of accepting the fact that God is continually gracious toward my wandering heart; thus, He needs to keep on redirecting my heart and mind toward His loving purposes.


In the few simple words of this verse John sets forth the fundamental truth and the basic need of all people’s lives, everyone requires the life if we desire to truly live, each of us needs to stay in intimate touch with the giver of the life if we want to live noticeably as children of God. When we live in this manner, the Lord will compel us to share the simple truth of the importance of this relationship and the means for others to transition from simply being alive to living in the full expression of the life through Christ.