Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.

Psalm 118: 5


When challenged, threatened, beaten up and down, and just completely overwhelmed, I have turned to many different sources of knowledge, strength, encouragement, and protection. Some work some of the time, and others don’t ever seem to get the job done; there are even tactics, strategies, and sources of supposed wisdom that take me further into the bad place that I am attempting to escape.


On the other hand, the Lord has always answered, for He responded to me when the need was as basic as it can get; Jesus took me in, accepted my lost soul, and released me from the death grip that Satan had on my life. Since that moment, God has continued to stay with me through it all; there have been fires and floods, plagues and famines, and disobedience and deceits all coming from within the hearts of people. Some of the damaging actions and events have been of my own doing and others have been done to me; regardless, God stays with me totally, completely, absolutely, and always.


When I reach out to God in prayer, raising my voice to Him with expressions of the desires and the needs of my heart, the Lord responds. What is the extra weight that you are carrying around with you, where is your heart torn or weary, what is making you fearful and apprehensive? The Spirit of God who resides in you already knows the answers and more, but it is necessary for us to reach out to our God and to trust Him with our own sense of our needs. The Lord will respond with love, compassion, understanding, and solutions, for His truth is the answer to all that we encounter in this life.