The Lord is righteous; He has cut the cords of the wicked.

Psalm 129: 4


Have you ever felt as if you were bound by forces and by people whose desire and intent was purely evil? Has your life been held in bondage with your heart, mind, and soul feeling like they are locked away in a dark, escape proof dungeon? These times are often accompanied by a sensation of being tied up, constrained, unduly restrained, and overwhelmed. These feelings are real, and, at the same time, they falsely control us.


God has already won the real, final, and complete victory over all that is evil, everything that is unjust, and unrighteousness; still, there is a tangible and a very active presence of mean spirited, hurtful, and oppressive behaviors that operate upon this world through the actions of people. Through the victory of Christ, these people can do nothing that will truly harm any of God’s own; we own the absolutely unshakable position of permanent strength and spirit deep safety that Jesus claimed for each and every one of us.


The Lord has permanently cut the cords that would be used to tie us up, to hold us down, and to restrain our right to know and to worship Him. God has removed the boundary ropes that try to hold us back and keep us from bringing the truth of freedom that is found in the Gospel into the lives of people. Jesus severed the cord of life that fed evil’s control over this world and over its inhabitants; this is the time to reclaim every aspect of our lives from the slavery that evil tries to impose on us, for in Christ, there is total freedom.